Jail inmate goes to this extent in a bid to run away but…

In yet another case of criminals getting fearless, a jail inmate, on way back to district jail from Balrampur Hospital after medical check-up, snatched the weapon of a police constable and even opened fire in a bid to flee from the jail.
The constables despite the miscreant opening fire somehow managed to nab him and sent him back to jail. According to reports, five jail inmates were brought to Balrampur Hospital for ultrasound.
After their medical check-up, the jail inmates were being taken back to district jail. According to station officer Gosainganj, Sanjeevkant Misra, five jail inmates including Ankur had gone for ultrasound at Balrampur Hospital.
They had come to the hospital on the jail van. For their security, a head constable from the police line and three constables were deployed.
All of them were being taken back to jail. However, no sooner than the jail van reached on Jail road, Ankur attacked the police constables, snatched the weapon and tried to flee the spot.
However, the constables on duty gave a chase to Ankur and somehow managed to catch him. However, Ankur then opened the fire on the police party.
The policemen somehow managed to overpower Ankur and then sent him and four others back to jail.
No written complaint in this regard had been filed. However, according to sources, the jail van had stopped on Jail Road, but no one knows why. Ankur, according to the police, is undertrial in a murder case of 2011.

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