Jaipuriya school driver found murdered in van

A van driver was murdered in Jaipuriya school today near the DIG office, the body was found blood soaked on the back seat of the van.
CO Gomtinagar Satya Sen Yadav told that the van owner and driver 40 year old Sanjeev Sharma lived in Sringarnagar area of Manaknagar. He used to take the children of Jaipuriya school and on the day of the incident also he reached the school with children at 7.30 a.m. After dropping the children he parked the van at a little distance from the school.
At around 12 noon people saw him blood soaked lying inside the van. Gomti Nagar police reached on the spot and took Sanjeev to Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital where he was declared dead.
On receiving the death information Sanjeev’s wife also reached the spot. Body of the driver has been sent for post mortem and the police is investigating the matter.
As reported, Sanjeev used to stay in his van only till afternoon and have his lunch brought from his house sitting inside the van. At 1.30 p.m when the school gave over, then he moved from that place.
At the time of the incident Sanjeev was found on the back seat of the van while except the back gate all the doors were closed. People informed that everyday Sanjeev used to take rest in the van in the same way. The police found Sanjeev’s shirt, shoes and socks which shows that at the time of the incident either Sanjeev was relaxing or sleeping. He was attacked from back and did not get enough time to save himself.
The police is investigating Sanjeev’s mobile details to reach to some conclusion. The sources informed the police that for the past few days Sanjeev was into gambling and couple of times had lost good amount in gambling. However, old or family feud has not come forth in investigation and the police is still looking on all aspects of murder.

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