Kindness never goes unrewarded

Kindness is that noble blessing, which comes freely as the gentle rain from heaven and falls upon the earth beneath. We all pray to god for kindness and that same kindness should teach us how to show kindness to others.
Once we do so, our noble seeds will definitely grow to protect us in our impending ventures of our lives so that we become a tower of strength for the fugitive. This reminds me of a story.
Alisha Ghosh was a well renowned news reporter and photographer. She had enrolled herself into a new jungle expedition and equipped herself with an awfully safe jeep and high tech gadgets. She went to the forest of Gujarat.
She was enjoying in the lap of nature and capturing all picturesque scenes, but then she heard of a cry of a beast. Her guide said that the jungle is filled with such noises therefore we should not pay heed to it.
As they came closer the sound rose to its voluptuous swell and then by the movement of the guide’s stick against a bush, they witnessed a giant Asian elephant filled with pain. The guide said, “Do not run just pass by slowly”. Alisha analyzing the poor animal noticed that there was a thorn pierced in his foot which was red and swollen by the time. The guide remarked, “In this condition it is really sultry and dangerous to go near the beast as it may hurt anyone of us”.
Her eyes met its tender eyes in which each drop of tear was envisaging the pain, he was undergoing. Paying no heed to what the guide said she went on and stood in front of the elephant. With all her effort she pulled the thorn out of his foot. Then there was a discharge of thick white liquid followed by the few droplets of blood.
The elephant trumpeted to his fullest. Till that time her guide made her rush along with him. At the night he was complaining about her to the senior authorities but looking the stars Alisha had a feeling of satisfaction in her heart and soul and prayed for the well being of the elephant.
On the last day of her tour, she got her items packed and with his colossal set of pictures was ready to take off for the city. They sat into the jeep and moved on. Suddenly there path was beset with jackals. Step by step they were coming near the jeep and Alisha clustered her body inside and the guide was in a deadly condition. Their each step was deteriorating all the joy they had in the trip.
But a loud trumpet was heard which made all the jackals vanish. From a distance she observed the same elephant standing perfectly and raising his trunk as if to bid them farewell.
From this trip life gave them one more lesson that though all creatures are different we all understand the language of love and kindness and hence kindness never goes unrewarded. This will transform us into a gem on the diadem of wisdom, a fruit upon the tree of humility and ornament to the countenance of truth.
Vanshita Srivastava
CMS Gomtinagar