Know why BJP clarifies its UP chief Keshav Maurya has two sons, only…

A photo of a girl with bundle of Rs 2000 denomination notes that was introduced only on Thursday went viral and created flutters in BJP circles as the caption claimed the girl in picture to be the daughter of UP BJP chief Keshav Maurya.
The caption also questioned how she was in possession of the notes in such a huge quantity when the same had been launched only on Thursday.
The photo is believed to have first appeared on the facebook post of a Samajwadi Party leader, who removed the same after sometime. Interestingly, the picture remained in circulation on social media platforms and whatsapp groups.
BJP denied the allegation and claimed that the Opposition has smelled defeat in the UP assembly election hence it is stooping to such level. Talking to BJP spokesman Dr Chandramohan clarifying on the picture that has gone viral said that UP BJP chief doesn’t have a daughter and has only two sons.
Interestingly, Maurya’s election affidavit also has a mention of he having two sons only.
With election round-the-corner, mudslinging and blame game is set to increase.
Dr Chandramohan, however, said that opposition is using baseless tactics to malign the image of the UP BJP chief but it would not succeed. This is a knee-jerk reaction from the Opposition which very well is able to foresee its loss at the hand of the BJP owing to the support the party is getting from people, Dr Chandramohan further added.

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