Lucknow police nab Chuhiya, a drug peddler; recover smack worth Rs 20 lakh

Alambagh police of Lucknow on Thursday nabbed a woman drug peddler and recovered smack worth Rs 20 lakh from her possession after conducting raid at her Shram Vihar Colony residence. The woman also has an infant child with her. She was identified as Soni alias Chuhiya.
According to inspector Alambagh Parshuram Tripathi, the police after a tip off that a woman was selling drugs in the vicinity of Charbagh railway station was keeping a track on Soni for a long time. After confirmation of her presence, the police team on Thursday raided her house and with the help of woman constables frisked the woman. The police recovered 200 grams of smack from her possession. It is estimated to be worth Rs 20 lakh the police said.
The woman was living with her infant child. Since no one is there to look after the child, the police allowed Chuhiya to keep the child with her. The child would also go to jail along with the woman, the police confirmed. On investigation, the police found that Chuhiya had gone to jail for supplying drugs in Madhya Pradesh also.
The police said that her husband was a drug addict and had died because of drug consumption. After her husband’s death, she has taken the drug peddling route to earn her living. She used to purchase drugs from a peddler at Para area and used to sell it to customers near Charbagh in small packets.

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