Major fire breaks out at LESA’s Transformer Workshop in Talkatora

A gas pipeline explosion at a transformer workshop of the Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration (LESA) led to breaking out of a major fire in the Talkatora Industrial area of Lucknow.

The explosion also caused a stampede inside the workshop on the day, when repair works were being carried out on the transformers which were kept there. Officials of the nearest Fire Station were immediately informed about the incident, which happened at around 4:10pm, and reached the spot 45 minutes late.

The fire on Wednesday broke out when a gas pipeline connected to an oxygen cylinder exploded. At the time of incident, at least 600 transformers were kept inside the workshop and around 8o to 90 employees were present in its compound. The employees got scared of the raging fire and started running here and there.

Some of them ran towards the main gate of the workshop and after opening it, helped others get out of the compound. Meanwhile, senior officials also received information about the major fire and arrived at the spot.

The fire station in the area was also informed and it took them 45 minutes to reach the spot due to the heavy traffic jam in the area which was caused due to the fire incident. The firemen were able to control the raging flames at around 7:00pm in the evening after struggling for nearly two hours.

It was also found that no fire-safety equipments were present inside the workshop in Talkatora where the explosion took place. Initially, the employees tried to extinguish the fire by pouring water on it which they got from the houses of people who live close to the workshop.

Huge traffic jam

The fire incident also caused a huge traffic jam in the area due to which the fire engines reached the spot late. It took almost three hours for the traffic police to clear out jam which had badly hit the commuters travelling to and from nearby Rajajipuran, Haiderganj and Malviyanagar areas.

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