Mango orchards turning murder spots: Farmer shot dead at grove in Kakori

Mango orchards in Maal, Malihabad and Kakori this season would be known unfortunately also for murders other than mangoes. In yet another murder after the one in Maal a few days back, a 40-year-old farmer, who was sleeping in his mango orchard as a guard was shot dead on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday.
A country-made pistol was also recovered from the spot, where the farmer identified as Mahesh Maurya, a resident of Alipur village, was found dead. Interestingly, along with two accused Meraj and Babloo, who were caught by the villagers and beaten up badly and later handed over to police after they began boasting off killing Maurya, two other persons Jamal and Imran have been named in the FIR by the family members.
According to circle officer Malihabad Javed Khan, the detained accused are being interrogated.
Mahesh and his brothers Radheyshyam, Suresh and Sarvesh together have five bigha mango orchard. Mahesh like every day after taking dinner went to the orchard to guard the fruits. He used to sleep on wooden bed. On Monday morning, when Radheyshyam’s wife Rooprani came to the orchard, she was shocked to see pool of blood near Mahesh’s bed. She began screaming for help on seeing Mahesh’s body.
Soon the villagers and other family members of the Mahesh rushed to orchard.
While everyone was shocked to see Mahesh’s murder, Babloo and Meraj also from the same village began shouting that they have killed Mahesh and challenged Maurya’s family members to do whatever they can. Enraged over this, Mahesh’s cousin brother Kuldip indulged in dispute with them. Soon the villagers also joined Kuldip and began beating the two badly. However, when the police arrived and detained them, they both denied having committed the crime.
According to Mahesh’s family members, on June 18, Mahesh’s cousin brother Sandeep’s cattle had entered inside Meraj and Babloo’s field. Enraged over this, the two had fight with Sandeep. However, Mahesh had intervened in the matter. The dispute had even reached the police, which had arrested Sandeep and Babloo on charges of breach of peace.
Mahesh’s wife Maheshwari told the police that Babloo and Meraj had even threatened her and had said that she should convince Mahesh not to intervene in the dispute else he would be killed.
Mahesh’s brother Radheyshyam told the police that on Sunday Mahesh had gone to Dubagga mandi to sell the mangoes. He had returned with thousands of rupees, which according to Radheyshyam were missing. Family members accused the murderers of taking away the money also.

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