Massive gathering and Yadav clan together for Akhilesh’s Rath Yatra

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav kicked off the much hyped Vikas Rath Yatra amidst palpable tension over the on going family feud in the Yadav clan of Samajwadi Party. The yatra route was inundated with hoardings, posters and banners in support of Akhilesh. However, Samajwadi Party State Chief Shivpal Yadav was completely missing from the hoardings, posters and banners. In a clear sign of simmering tension youth leaders and all the Akhilesh’s men like Vikas Bhadouria, Sunil Yadav ‘Sajan’, Sanjay Laathar and many others were seen occupying place on dais meant to launch the yatra. akhilesh-yadav-postpones-samajwadi-vikas-rath-yatra-1
Huge turn out and enthusiastic participation by youths on the yatra route 2 days before the silver jubilee celebration of Samajwadi Party is being seen by political analysts as Team Akhilesh’s bid to showcase the CM’s popularity among the masses. Two prominent English medium schools in the vicinity, — La Martiniere Boys and Loreto Convent ( a girls’ school) -have ordered closure on Thursday in view of the large turnout.No wonder strategists in SP have planned the yatra in a way that it projects Akhilesh’s image of development oriented leader in a state which will see assembly elections in a few months from now.
For now Mulayam Singh flaged off the Vikas Rath Yatra with Shivpal on stage. Both leaders were welcomed by CM Akhilesh Yadav at La Martiniere Boy’s dias. Shivpal addressed the public and said, “I want to congratulate Akhilesh for all the development work and appeal the people to vote for Samajwadi Party.”
Akhilesh said in the similar tone, “We were misguided by people a little but finally we again stand united as Samajwadi Party.” The crowd could be clearly heard cheering for Mulayam and Akhilesh.

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