Missing boy found alive after 6-days at a forest in Japan

The 7-year-old Japanese boy, Yamato Tanooka, who went missing nearly a week ago after his parents left him in a forest as punishment was found unharmed Friday. Tanooka was found by chance by military personnel in a hut on one of its exercise areas in the town of Shikabe, Hokkaido, 5km from where he is believed to have gone missing.

Yamato told police he reached the camp on Saturday after pushing through forest. The police quoted him saying “I didn’t have food so I just drank water”. There was a tap outside the hut. One of the troops offered him rice balls, which he ate hungrily. The boy told police he had been in the drill area for several days after walking alone in the forest.

The boy was taken to hospital by helicopter for a check-up as a precaution. The child’s emotional father later apologised when speaking to reporters outside the hospital where the child was being treated

The parents reportedly told police they had punished the boy for throwing rocks at people and cars while playing at a river earlier in the day.


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