Mobile phones not good for child’s growth

The handiest and the useful device is the smartphone. It is a device from which we can do many things. We can do calls, video call, play games, search info related to specific topic through internet. Smartphone is a very useful device for adults but for children? Children who are below the age of 13 have no idea to distinguish between the right and the wrong.
According to me there are advantages and disadvantages of a smartphone. The advantages of a smartphone depends upon how we utilize it like we can get information and clear our queries related to any question through it. The smartphones are portable as well. We can play games like angry bird to make our mind fresh.
But the disadvantages are too. Children will take no interest in studies and they will always use smartphones, this will harm their eyes. This will also affect their brain, and a lot of their time will be burnt. So I want to say that there is no advantage and disadvantage of a smartphone or anything. The only thing is that if we use anything a lot and for bad and useless things it is very absurd, and if we use it in limit and for good and for educational things it is very useful and helpful for us.
Hence defeat the defeat before the defeat defeats you…!!