Modi applauds Obama for backing India on NSG membership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi applauded the decision of US President Barack Obama for backing India’s bid for membership of the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). He said in a joint media conference with Obama, “I am thankful for the help and support that my friend Barack Obama has extended with regard to membership in Missile Technology Control Regime and Nuclear Security Group.”

Entry into the 48-member elite Nuclear Security Group has been India’s dream for a long time. However, with China constant opposition it has been a long bumpy ride for India. Talking about strengthening ties between the two nations, Modi said, “Ours will be a partnership where both the nations will benefit.” Modi said that partnership between American capital & innovation, and Indian human resources and entrepreneurship can be very powerful. –Indiatoday reported.

However, apart from NSG membership deal, the other issues discussed by them included terrorism, clean energy, climate change, regional security and cyber security. The President said Modi’s leadership generates ‘new excitement’, not only among the Indian-Americans but also among Americans. The chemistry between Obama and Modi changed during the days they spent in Paris. The next time the two men met, they greeted each other with a high five, behind closed doors, of course, but to the great surprise of aides on both sides and other world leaders who were looking on.


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