Mulayamnagar heist robbers chose Shaheed Path to flee

Police have traced the last location of the 7 miscreants who struck at Neelam Jewellery shop at Mulayamnagar area under Ghazipur police station area towards Shaheed Path. This has made the police to also look into the theory that the miscreants might have come from some other district and would have fled the spot after committing the crime.
Since Shaheed Path is a by-pass that connects roads to three districts — Sultanpur, Barabanki and Rae Bareli, the police believe that there was a possibility of the criminals being from either of these districts. The police and the Crime Branch team have also taken out still screen shot from the CCTV footage and have spread among informers to ascertain the identity of the criminals.
Though there are no major leads barring of course the fact that the miscreants after taking Faizabad Road had turned right towards Shaheed Path just before Kamta Tri-section.
Since the miscreants had also taken away the two mobile phones of the jeweller Rajesh Rastogi, their last location was traced by the surveillance team through the mobiles. However, the police have failed to get any location after the miscreants climbed on Shaheed Path.
The police believe that the miscreants have either switched off the mobile and thrown it there only or have switched off the mobile and have taken with themselves. Since the miscreants chose to go from Shaheed Path, the police teams are suspecting that they might have come from other districts to commit crime and have fled back to their respective districts.
The police have activated the informers in other districts also.
On Monday, a police team again reached the jeweller’s shop and enquired about the loot with the jewellery shop owner Rajesh Rastogi and his servant Lalit.
The police is also taking the help of surveillance believing that the miscreants either might have done recce of the crime spot or might have talked their accomplishes.

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