Murder or snake bite, Hooded black cobra stays put near woman’s body in Malihabad

A woman’s murder or her death after snake bite? The police would investigate and reach to the conclusion, however, what came as a shock for the villagers that a black cobra snake probably after biting the woman, remained at the spot with its hood spread just like a movie scene at Umarwal village in Maal on Sunday.
According to reports, villagers woke up to begin their daily routine, when a few of them spotted a snake near a woman, who was lying in the field.
According to circle office Malihabad Javed Khan, 22-year-old Shanti of Umarwal had a love marriage with Satyendra of the same village. Because of this, Shanti’s family were not in talking terms with her. On Saturday, like every other day, both Satyendra and Shanti went to sleep. However, when family members of Shanti woke up in the morning, they saw froth coming from her mouth. No sooner than they reached near Shanti, they saw a black cobra with its hood spread.
Surprised to see the scene, the family members informed the villagers who rushed to the spot and killed the snake after beating it with sticks. Shanti was then rushed to nearby community health centre, where doctors declared her dead. On receiving the news, Shanti’s family members also reached the hospital and blamed Satyendra’s family for murdering her.
The police which rushed to the spot has sent the body for post-mortem. Station office Maal said that marks of snake teeth were found on Shanti’s body, hinting that Shanti might have been killed by snake bite. The police however, said that further investigation would be done after post-mortem report is received.

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