Music, without lyrics takes away all exam phobia

Music has been discovered to be the best instrument to keep away the exam phobia by cooling down your nerves, obviously if you do not start paying too much attention on its lyrics. Music is even one of the most effective ways of helping those with memory conditions like Alzheimer and Dementia. There have been cases in recent years where patients have heard a song or a piece of music and it has triggered a memory related to that particular piece of music, helping them remember the piece of their life that had previously seemed lost.

If music can do something this remarkable, it can come to our help in other daily situations such as revision season or the lead-up to a critical deadline!

Melodic Motivation

Studying for an exam is tantamount to training for a marathon: both require extreme deliberation, determination, and diligence to keep going when it gets tough. There are innumerable benefits that music can have, both practically and mentally, when studying. It’s easy to forget that, like the muscles physically exercised in sport, the brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised – and more so than most. A good way to stimulate your brain in those long-drawn-out study sessions is to listen to upbeat music much like the music you might play on a run, to get your brain into gear and help it to absorb as much information as it can.

Word Association Games

Have you ever wondered ‘why do I easily remember a song I heard once but struggle with the dates of battles?’? Well, it’s because it is easier! Studies have shown that retaining information is more effective when there is a rhythm or a melody assigned to the words.

Suggestion: If you are skilled musically, take one of your favourite songs and change the lyrics to your revision notes. That way you’re more likely to remember meanings/facts that keep slipping away from you. If rewriting lyrics doesn’t come easily, there are many songs on sites like You Tube, to help you along the way.

Blocking out distractions

Studying among friends is great, as is studying alone. However, both can provide unbelievable distractions. Catching up with your friends, or the deafening silence of private study can lead you to search for something more exciting. Playing music through headphones rather than speakers is a great way to stay focused on the work you need to do.

Music Equilibrium

Listening to familiar music can leave you in a good mood, but it can also put a clamp on learning. You may indulge in the song instead of concentrating. Some believe that the alternative is to listen to something you don’t like. If you’re like me, you’ll spend more time skipping songs until you get to one that you enjoy than you will spend studying. So what’s the perfect way to remain focused on your studies?

Option 1: Find music that you like the sound of, but don’t necessarily know. – This is great, unless you spend the day learning lyrics!

Option 2: Listen to music without lyrics. It doesn’t have to be classical. E.g. Suno na sang-e-marmar, motivates in the same way as an energetic song, but with no words to distract you.

Option 3: Listen to music in a language you don’t understand. As long as the rhythm and beat are present it will be enough to keep you going without getting sidetracked.

Courtesy: tmagazine

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