Nariyal Laddoo Recipe by Prabha Dayal

My family and friends say I make sumptuous nariyal laddoos, its recipe is simple and easy to make.

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Ingredients for 40-45 average size laddoos
* Nariyal boora 250 gms
* Khoya 250 gms
* Powdered Sugar 250 gms
* Milk Cream half cup
* Pista crushed

Method of Cooking
1- Take a pan and put khoya into it. Add milk cream to it and let it soften. It takes just five minutes in mixing.
2- Add coconut boora to it and mix everything properly.
3- Add sugar to it and mix it till a lump is formed. Simmer the flame and continue the process, withing 5-6 minutes its done.
4- Add crushed pista to it and mix well.
5- Make small balls of this mixture. Sprinkle crushed pista on top of laddoo’s for garnish.
Have a bite,your home made nariyal laddoos are ready!

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