NIA DySP murder accused kills people just like that for motorcycles and …

The hotel executive Naman Verma’s murder had only one motive — the new 220 cc pulsar motorcycle that Munir, the main accused in NIA DySP Tanzil Ahmed murder case, wanted. After getting confirmation that the bike recovered from Munir has matched the RTO records to be of Naman Verma, the Hotel Renaissance executive, the UP STF claimed that Munir along with his friend Saud killed Naman.
Munir’s friend Saud is still absconding, SSP STF Amit Pathak said.
Munir and his friend after a week of Naman’s murder shot at police constable Pramod Saxena, who was posted as shadow to a high court judge near Jugauli Crossing and snatched 9 mm pistol from his possession. The UP STF have come to know about three locations of Munir’s Lucknow location. Now the UP STF also has information that Munir and his aides have also committed crime at Aligarh, Azamgarh, Bijnore and Delhi.
On Thursday, IG STF Ramkumar, SSP Amit Pathak, SSP Lucknow Manzil Saini, ASP (TG) Jaiprakash, ASP STF Shaadab Rashid Khan and ASP STF Arvind Chaturvedi made the revealation during a press briefing.
Munir is a dreaded criminal, Pathak said and added that he was least hesitant in getting what he wanted no matter by what means. He would not waste a second even in killing a person if he wanted something from others. Killing Naman had only one motive — the new motorcycle.
On November 18, Naman was going back to his home from the hotel in the night. On way, Munir and his friend Saud travelling on a Red and Black pulsar spotted the new bike. Munir was in need of a new bike. They both then chased Naman and on reaching at the flyover near Mithaiwala Crossing, Munir shot dead Naman and robbed his motorcycle. Interestingly, the red and black motorcycle on which they shot dead Naman was robbed by Munir from Okhala area in New Delhi.
Interestingly, after robbing the motorcycle from Naman, Munir and his friend had shot at the police constable and robbed him of his service 9mm pistol.
The pistol and the motorcycle robbed from Lucknow was then used in the murder of NIA DySP Tanzil Ahmed, the IG STF confirmed. He, however, admitted that interrogation done with Munir so far was incomplete and he would be taken on remand and a team of STF would also be present during interrogation then.
Elaborating on the whereabouts of Munir in Lucknow, the IG STF said that Munir stayed on rent at Gudamba, Kalyanpur and Kukrail Adilnagar area. In Lucknow, his arrangement of house and other things was managed by his friend Imran.
At a house in Adilnagar, they didn’t give any ID when asked for. It was because of this they vacated that house only in 7 days, SSP STF Amit Pathak concluded.

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