Oldest litigant in Ram Janm Bhumi-Babri dispute Hashim Ansari passes away

Oldest Ram Janm Bhumi Babri Masjid dispute litigant, Hashim Ansari passed away in Ayodhya this morning after prolong illness. Later in the evening, he was buried with thousands turning up to be part of his last journey to burial ground including Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, advocate Zafaryab Zilani and others.

Ansari had been fighting the title suit case in favour of the Babri mosque since 1949. Ansari had vociferously opposed the bringing down of the disputed structure by ‘kar sevaks’ on December 6, 1992.
Despite fighting the case, his friendship with other Hindu litigants didn’t remain only till exchanging of greetings. His friendship with Ram Chandra Paramhans of Digambar Akhada had been in fact talk of Ayodhya town as Ansari used to frequent the akhada whenever he used to get time on a bicycle.

During his lifetime, he had authorised his son Iqbal to represent the case after his death.

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