Pakistan can hit Delhi in five minutes, claims Qadeer Khan, accused of leaking nuclear prog

Father of Pakistan’s nuclear programme Qadeer Khan revealed that Pakistan has the ability to target Indian capital of New Delhi from Kahuta base in Rawalpindi in five minutes.
On Sunday Khan said Pakistan hasn’t become a nuclear power only because then President General Zia ul Haq had opposed the move in 1984.
“We had a plan to launch nuclear test in 1984. But President General Zia ul Haq expressed reservation,” Khan said at an anniversary function of Pakistan’s first nuclear tests which was carried under his supervision in 1998.
Citing reason why Gen Zia, who ruled Pakistan from 1979 to 1988, Khan said that he believed that the world would intervene militarily if Pakistan went ahead with the nuclear test.
Interestingly, Khan was forced to admit his involvement for proliferation and had to live a semi-house arrest life. Khan then had said how humiliated he had felt and added that Pakistan would never have achieved the feat of becoming first Muslim nuclear country without his services.
“We are facing the worst against our services to the country’s nuclear program,” he said on Sunday referring to the humiliation he suffered.


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