This child has 31 fingers, how…

The peculiar baby boy, named Hong Hong was born in January 2016 with 15 fingers and 16 toes in Pingjiang County in Hunan province. Although he has 15 fingers on both hands with two palms, but no thumbs on either hands. Hong Hong has polydactylism, a congenital condition in which affected person is born with additional fingers or toes. His mother, who works in a factory in Shenzhen City, also has polydactylism. It is a pretty common condition, affecting about one in every 1,000 live births, according to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

After Hong Hong’s birth his parents were shocked to discover he had inherited the condition. Doctors say the condition can be treated once the boy is old enough to undergo anaesthesia – but the surgery will have to take place while he is still a baby, before his bones set. So his parents are attempting to raise enough money to enable their son to undergo life-changing surgery- The telegraph reported.

The surgery could cost as much as 200,000 Chinese Yuan (about $30,000), the boy’s father said. The couple has turned to the Internet for help, and so far they’ve raised more than 40,000 Yuan (more than $6,000) through online donations.

But they have decided to halt the crowd funding efforts because of the mixed comments they have received about raising money online, the father said.

For now, the family plans to head back to the city of Shenzhen, where they live, so that the father can go back to work.



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