Parrot, Chicken & Dadi ji…

Life is a climb but the view is great. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to switch on the light. Life enjoyed to the fullest is a life completely lived. I too have a humorous incident to share.
My grandma is the gem of our family. So we wanted this birthday of hers to be extravagant one. I have an elder sister, Aayona who is a software engineer in Bangalore. She had planned to give a royal cottage with a car and a driver to our granny on the auspicious day. This was far beyond the expense of my pocket money. Aayona said to me, “ Are you ready with the greeting card?” My gift will be unique and granny will like from the core of her heart. I with the help of my father got a beautiful greenish – yellow parrot that could recite the Gita. You just have to tell him the page or the scene and it would recite it for you.This gave me intense tranquility.
Now my sister’s benevolent spirit was at risk. All the gifts were ready to go. After a week’s time we got a letter from granny.  I snatched it from the postman and went to the living room to read it aloud in front of everyone.
I was sure that it would be filled with my praise. Grandma wrote, “My Aayona you worked very hard but the cottage is colossal and the maid takes lot of money for cleaning it though I stay in only one room. I don’t use the car and the driver is awfully vindictive.”
Aayona seemed a bit bewilder and disappointed. Though I was quite happy. I read on, she further wrote,  “My dear little Sona you know my choice very well. THE CHICKEN WAS DELICIOUS!!” I was shattered but after seeing my whole family engulfed into laughter I also joined them.
We laughed till our abs and stomach ached. This incident whenever I remember I again smile and brighten my mood hence do not wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.
Sona Srivastava