Police nab accused who lifted car after seeing it on sale advt on OLX

Krishna Nagar police on Saturday nabbed one person along with the car which he along with his aide had lifted on the pretext of test driving in Bazarkhala police station area by contacting the trader who had put his car on sale on OLX site.
However, the other accused managed to flee the police net.
The police have recovered the lifted car.
Station Officer Krishna Nagar, Vijay Yadav told media persons that a police team was patrolling near the Kushtha Ashram. Meanwhile, the police on suspicion about a white car desired to check the vehicle. No sooner than a youth in the car saw the police, he fled but the driver was nabbed. When the police asked him to show car papers, he couldn’t. On getting suspicious, the police interrogated him
and found that the car had been lifted by him and his aide on May 17.
The accused was identified as Amol Yadav while his aide who fled the spot was identified as Kamran Khan. He further admitted that they had earlier lifted a bike also from Gomtinagar on March 18.
He also admitted that the the two decided to lift the car after seeing the advertisement put up by the trader Aminuddin of the car on sale on the OLX e-commerce website. The two lifted the car on the pretext of test driving.
According to police, arrested accused was currently pursuing graduation from Lucknow University. His friend, Kamran is his class-mate. They wanted to earn easy money and resorted to vehicle lifting in the process. The accused has been caught by the police for the first time.

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