Police nabs robbers during checking drive

Vehicle checking drive landed 3 robbers in police net in Bazarkhala area on Thursday night. The police recovered 7 stolen motorcycles, jewellery, a revolver, some cash, and a mobile phone from their possession. According to SP (West), Sarvesh Mishra, Bazarkhala police force carrying out checking drive in Haidarganj locality. Police got suspicious of the three when they failed to show any papers of the two-wheeler they were driving. When further grilled, the three were identified as Suraj and Vijay of Balrampur and Shubham of Bazarkhala area .The three confessed their involvement in vehicle lifting and burglary. On their tip-off, the police also recovered the 6 other stolen bikes, jewellery, revolver and other valuables, DSP (West) said. Station incharge  Bazarkhala, Anil Singh said that the three were also involved in chain-snatching, which they used to do only through lifted vehicles. Interestingly, Suraj had fled police custody while being taken to court from trail in a case in 2015.

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