Polls opened in Britain, whether the country would quit European state

London: More than 46 million people will choose the fortune of the nation, the voting has started from Thursday morning for a referendum on whether the country should quit European state.

The people of Britain will caste their vote for ‘ whether the country should remain a member of European state or not?’ The polling is divided into”Leave” and “Remain”, leave campaigner argues that Britain’s National identity and Parliament can restore power only if Britain quit European states.
‘Remain’ led by David Cameron states that Britain will be safer and richer inside 28 nation EU.
The polling has been started from 23rd morning until 10 pm (2100 GMT) and the results are expected to be declared by 24th of June on Friday. But unfortunately it is raining in some parts of the country which will affect the turn out of voters.
Britain to remain EU member or not


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