Post surgical strikes India gives China shocker

Post surgical strikes China supporting Pakistan was not taken down well with Indians and then came the festive season in the country which subsequently showed a drastic downfall in the demand for Chinese items by the common Indian.
TosNews spoke to general public regarding their preference for various commodities for Diwali and here is a brief and interesting look out of a Bharatwasi showing patriotism in his own way:

Shashi Trivedi a lawyer by profession says, “Decorating our houses with diyas will only revive childhood memories and it is not an imposed rule, it is a campaign we all need to sign by banning chinese items in our houses and crashing the Chinese market.”
Pushpa Lata, lady in 60s condemned Chinese items and got all LED jhaalars for her house this Diwali, “costly, haan thodi si hai but it will last longer not like Chinese items which do not have a single day guarantee. Yes, this is my bit and I have to do it for my country!”
Deepani Agarwal a house wife and mother of 2 from Gomti Nagar put her point, “My relatives and I myself are going to decorate the house with diyas this time, a total no-no to Chinese items and why not after they supported Pakistan we cannot go on giving them profits.”
Businessman Dharmendra Singh is of the view that our efforts like drop in the ocean matter a lot and we all as citizens of India need to condemn all Chinese goods whether they have their other substitute or not. “After all we do not want to die in any terrorist attack and this is a way of saving our children and our own lives.”
While Akansha, a 5 year old daughter of Atul Pandey journalist with Amar Ujala has her own reason to prefer diyas over Chinese lights, “we all do that together, I also get to make wicks and pour oil whereas lights are put by elders only.”
Aditi Singh a fine arts student says, “I do not know about the market trend as a whole but demands for designer diyas which my group makes and sells as a voluntary organisation are high this Diwali. My gang and I every year lit diyas only and of course this year also we will do the same. We also make our own floating candles which are in great demand this year.”
So young or adult, all have their own cause of going anti-Chinese items presently. Whether the drops really make an ocean will only be revealed in post diwali market trends!

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