Prisoner climbs up tree, demands meeting with girl friend in Gorakhpur

Love has no bounds. In a strange incident that reminded people of Bollywood blockbuster Sholay’s famous scene of Veeru climbing up a water tank demanding his marriage proposal with Basanti be accepted by all, a prisoner in Gorakhpur jail instead climbed up on a Peepal tree and threatened to end his life if he was not allowed to meet his girlfriend.
Gola resident Rakesh Yadav is a languishing in jail and lodged in barrack no 9. On Thursday morning, he, somehow managed to climb up on a Peepal tree situated in the jail premises and threatened to commit suicide by jumping from the tree if he was not allowed to meet his girl friend.
The jail administration became tense on seeing Rakesh climbing up the tree and tried to persuade him. However, he persisted with his demand. The drama continued for around 30 minutes. The jail administration later succeeded in pacifying Rakesh and convincing him to stepp down from the tree.

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