Rainfall bringing relief or disaster?

The sudden rainfall in state capital brought relief to rising heat but disrupted the transport in Lucknow. Roads and crossings were blocked due to water logging at many places. An ambulance going to KGMU could not get passage for a long time due to the jam. There was once again heavy water logging at the railway under pass. The distances generally covered in minutes took hours and could not be managed by police or city administration.
The rainfall also brought disaster when in Aliganj a tree fell on school van killing the driver. The driver Brijmohan,45 was a Madiyaon resident and owns 5 school vans attached with various schools, he himself drove one of the vans. Children of Central School, Aliganj were waiting for their van when strong winds and heavy shower broke a heavy branch of an old tree causing the incident. Lot of effort was made to pull out the driver from the crushed van but it could be done only after cutting the branch. Injured Brijmohan had died after a while inside the van. Parents of the school children complained that there are many more old trees that can cause accident any time if not taken care of.

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