Read how 35,000 rupees were duped from a Lucknow businessman through fake OLX ad

A businessman in Lucknow was duped of around 35,000 rupees on Monday after being handed a box full of stones instead of an Apple mobile phone by two imposters in the city’s Husainganj area. The men, who posed as sellers of old mobile phones, had posted an ad with pictures of the Apple phone on the OLX website to attract customers. The incident on Monday was recorded by the CCTV camera installed close to the area and an FIR has been registered in the Hussainganj police station, officials said.
According to the complaint received by the police, Yunus Hussain (the victim), who is a zardozi businessman and lives in Baazarkhala’s Old Haiderganj area, was planning to buy an Apple phone but due to its high market price was unable to buy a brand new one.
Hussain decided to settle with an old Apple phone and came across the advertisement posted by the imposters on OLX, a popular classified website where second hand items are sold and purchased. After negotiations over the phone on the mobile number provided by the advertiser’s on OLX, Hussain said that the deal for the old Apple mobile was finalised at Rs 35,000.
On Monday morning, the sellers called up Yunus and decided to meet with him in Husainganj’s Bhaindimandi area. According to the victim, two people on a motorbike came to meet him and showed him the mobile phone and other necessary documents.
The zardozi businessman handed them the cash amount totaling 35,000 rupees without taking the box containing the old phone. After taking the money, one of them asked Yunus to have cold drink with him and he agreed. They both went to a nearby store to have the drink and during this time its is suspected that the other man replaced the Apple phone inside the box and filled it with stones.
On returning to the spot, the duo handed Yunus the box containing stones and left. Later, when the victim opened the box he was shocked to see that it was filled with stones instead of the Apple phone for which he had paid a whopping 35,000 bucks.
He immediately informed the police control room about the incident. Police officials from Hussainganj approached Yunus and visited the Bhaindimandi area, where he claimed that he was handed the mobile phone box by the thugs.
In a video footage captured by the CCTV installed in the area on Monday, police saw two men approaching Yunus and talking to him but were unable to see the registration number of the motorbike on which the alleged thugs arrived at the spot. A complaint was later registered and the area’s police is looking into the case of fraud, involving online posting of fake ads, very seriously.

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