Read how a group of armed men attacked 4 houses in Malihabad in one single night

The Malihabad police was left stunned by a gang of heavily armed men who carried out four cases of dacoity on Tuesday night in different areas of the town. The dacoities were carried out in Aminganj and Hatauli areas of the town in Lucknow district. The incidents had once again highlighted the poor functioning of the police in rural areas of the district.
According to Circle Officer Malihabad Javed Ahmad Khan, the first dacoity took place at zari worker Chand Babu’s house, which is situated in Hatauli village. The victim’s family, which includes his wife Sahroz Bano and their two children, on Tuesday had their dinner and went to sleep.
At around 1 am, Chand woke up use the bathroom and was left shocked when one of the gang member pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him and his family if he made any kind of sound. After taking the family hostage, the dacoits looted five tola gold and cash worth 7,000 rupees.
From Chand Babu’s house the gang went to his brother Altaf’s house who lives next to him. Altaf was going to the fields with his son for defecation when the dacoits attacked him and made him unconscious by some sedatives.
On hearing the noises coming from outside the house, Altaf’s wife Shamim rushed at the gate and saw that her husband was made hostage by some armed men. She tried to rescue her husband and son, the miscreants started beating her and robbed jewellery worth four lakh rupees and some 22,000 rupees in cash.
In another incident of robbery, the same gang targeted the houses of other two brothers Vipin and Shravan, living in Aminganj area of Malihabad. The robbery took place at the house of Shravan after taking him and his wife Meena as hostages. After looting cash worth 1.5 lakhs and jewellery worth 80,000 rupees, the dacoits attacked his brother Vipin’s house. They looted 60,000 rupees in cash and jewellery worth 80,000 approximately, the CO said.
These dacoities highlight the weak police administration in the rural areas of the districts. The police had registered the cases of theft and robbery against the unidentified miscreants.

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