Read how a prisoner in Saharanpur jail killed another inmate

In a sensational incident, an undertrial cooling heels in Saharanpur district jail was killed by another criminal shockingly using spoon as sharp-edge weapon to slit open the victim’s throat. The incident created panic among officials.
According to Saharanpur police, dreaded criminal Vikki Tyagi’s aide Shahnawaz is lodged in Saharanpur district jail for five years in a double murder case. A criminal Sookha was also lodged in the same jail.
Both Sookha and Shahnawaz had an old animosity. On Wednesday morning, both indulged in dispute over some issue. The dispute turned for the worst when Shahnawaz used spoon as sharp-edge weapon to slit open the throat of Sookha leading to his death on the spot.
The incident of murder sent shockwaves with district and police officials rushing to jail. The police team after preliminary investigaton sent Sookha’s body for the post-mortem examination.

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