Read how an order would put curb on non-seriousness of cops on vehicle theft cases

A new order has been issued by SSP Manzil Saini that the Lucknow police can’t issue a final report of the vehicle theft without matching the data provided by DCRB. She has clearly mentioned in the new rule that the inspector in charge of the vehicle theft will himself match the vehicle’s data in the DCRB cell and strict action will be taken against those who will not follow the new rule. SSP Manzil Saini also added that all the vehicle thefts will be uploaded in the software along with the vehicle information. The vehicle thefts reported in the last two days from 18 different thanas of the city were found abandoned in janpads. SSP Manzil Saini found 18 vehicles stolen from different thanas and returned it to its owners. These stolen unclaimed vehicles were found abandoned in different police stations. There was no information about the unclaimed vehicle to the inspector in charge and he accordingly filed the final report. But the DCRB reached the owner of the vehicle only through engine chechis number.

The SSP has also established an investigation on the authorities in charge of the vehicle theft that how these authorities were aware about these unclaimed vehicles and how they were already abandoned. In the investigations the carelessness of the department will be monitored and strict actions will be taken.

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