Read how BKT police solved a 2011 murder mystery and arrested killer

Police on Sunday finally arrested the prime suspect in a murder case dating back to the year 2011 in which a farmer was found dead in Lucknow’s Bakshi Ka Talaab (BKT) area under mysterious conditions. Later, it was found that the farmer was poisoned by his brother due to a dispute over his ancestral property.

 According to the information provided by Inspector BKT Vijay Shankar Yadav, a farmer named Santosh Kumar died on March 3, 2011 under mysterious conditions. Initially, police considered Santosh’s death as a suicide and sent his body for a postmortem.

However, the victim’s wife Lakshmi from the start had maintained that her husband was murdered. Later on November 30, 2014, she moved the court and got a case registered at the BKT police station of culpable homicide in connection with her husband’s death.

Even the post mortem report could not clearly ascertain that it was a case of murder. When the victim’s viscera report arrived then only it was revealed that it is a case of murder as it clearly stated that Kumar was poisoned with Aluminium phosphide.

After carrying out investigations, the police came to know that Santosh’s brother Ashok Kumar got all the property which was under the name of victim’s father transferred to his wife’s name. Considering the brother as a suspect, they carried out investigations but reached nowhere.

BKT police submitted a plea in the court to allow them to carry out a Narco test on the accused brother. Court sanctioned the police’s request and a Narco test was carried out on Ashok.

The reports from the test revealed that Ashok had killed his brother in 2011 and got the property transferred under his wife’s name. The accused was arrested on Sunday and  will be tried in court for killing his brother, Inspector Yadav said.

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