Read: How constable Anand dares even when not on duty!

A woman who jumped into river near 1090 crossing, Gandhi Setu on Sunday evening was saved by a constable.
It is stated that Gautampalli police was on duty at 1090 crossing at the time when some youngsters informed the police that a woman has jumped in the river. After this the police reached the spot and started searching for a rope when constable Anand of Gomti Nagar police station reached there and went saved the woman with the help of a rope. The rescued woman was unable to speak as water had reached into her abdomen and she was rushed to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Later she was identified as Varsha from Gomti Nagar and her family was informed by the police. Varsha is now out of danger, however SO Gomti Nagar told that she had made suicide attempt due to family problems.

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