Read how Dial 100 used to con and harass women

Dial 100, the dream project of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has started few months backs but the cons have started using it for conning. In the name of getting a job in Dial 100, a con of Azamgarh confiscated Rs 60 thousand from a woman.
Gosaiganj SO told the media persons that a woman who was pursuing a computer course at Sushil Kumar’s institute met Haridwar in the institute itself. Haridwar told her about a vacancy in Dial 100 and said that he can help her get that government job.
The woman spoke to her family about the job and they gave her Rs 60 thousand to hand over to Haridwar who had asked for the amount to help her get the above job. The con then cajoled her to come along with him to Varanasi for recruitment, where he sexually harassed the woman. The victim somehow managed to escape from there.
Later she discovered that the Dial 100 job was of a private nature and that Haridwar had deceived 2 other women similarly extracting a sum of Rs 3 lac from them. The victim then visited the Ahimamau Dial 100 of Gosaiganj and reported her complaint.
The Gosaiganj police registered a case of forgery and sexual harassment against Haridwar and arrested him on Monday.

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