Read how ex-school student hacked id, traumatised his teacher through facebook posts

A teacher of a prominent school was living in a trauma as her friend supposedly was posting obscene and objectionable materials on her facebook page. Her worries increased further when her friend denied doing so. In fact she hinted towards some bigger conspiracy. Unable to understand what to do, she finally approached Women Power Line with her complaint. What came as a rude shock and hard to believe revelation for the school teacher was the fact that the culprit was none other than her former student. Mahanagar police on Thursday nabbed the student.
Ankita (name changed) is a teacher in a prominet school. For the past several days she was receiving vulgar messages and posts from her friends id. She objected to same before her friend, who simply denied having posted any objectionable posts on her facebook page. Her friend hinted towards some conspiracy. It was after this Ankita sought help of WPL. The WPL team began investigation into the complaint and came to know that the facebook id from which vulgar materials were being posted on Ankita’s facebook post had been hacked. According to Satyaveer Sachan of WPL, detail of Ankita’s friend’s id were sought. It was only then that the WPL came to know that Ankita friend’s id was being used through a mobile phone.
The WPL team then put the mobile phone number on surveillance. The location as per surveillance report happened to be Lucknow. The WPL team then identified the mobile owner as Shreyansh Singh, a resident of Hasanganj locality. An FIR was then registered against Shreyansh in Mahanagar police station. The police on Thursday arrested Shreyansh, who told the police that he was student of a prominent school until 2008, where the victim was his teacher. After passing out from the school he began pursuing B Tech. It was during this time that he spotted his teacher’s facebook page from where he identified her friend’s id and hacked it. Shreyansh was using the hacked id from his mobile phone. The police have also received the messages sent from Shreyansh mobile.
On the other hand when the teacher came to know the truth, she was shocked and said that Shreyansh is of his son’s age and had never believed that he would indulge in such filthy activities.
The police however, did not tell the motive behind Shreyansh targeting his teacher.

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