Read: How far did this youth’s love affair take him?

A mobile shop employee hanged himself to death in Gomti Nagar area on Tuesday. Police said that the reason of suicide might be a love affair. The employee has been identified as Rahul Pandey.

Station Officer Gomti Nagar, Dhirendra Shukla told media persons that 30-year-old Rahul resided with his family in Vinay Khand area. He worked at a mobile showroom in Patrakarpuram. Like every day, after returning home from the showroom he went to sleep on Monday night as well. Next morning when his elder brother’s brother-in-law, Anand went upstairs for bathing, he saw Rahul’s body was hanging with a dupatta in the room. Anand yelled on the sight and hearing the noise people of the vicinity gathered there. They informed the police control room. Police reached the spot and after preliminary investigation sent the body for post-mortem examination.

On further investigation, police came to know that Rahul had a conversation on mobile with a girl named Sudha, at around 11 pm. Hence the police assumed the reason of suicide to be a love affair. At the time of suicide, Rahul’s family had gone to Haridwar and he was alone in his house with Anand.

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