Read how firemen doused deadly blaze at King George Medical University

A massive fire broke out at the King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow on Friday afternoon. The fire started in a room in the basement of KGMU’s Pathology Department and in a short span of time spread across the whole basement and the adjoining areas. Four vehicles of fire brigade reached the spot immediately.
After hours of struggle the firemen were able to control the blaze and stop it from reaching the right wing of the building where huge quantity of highly flammable spirit was stored. No casualty was reported in the incident.
According to Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Abhay Bhan Pandey, a fire at the KGMU’s Pathology Department was reported to the police control room at around 1 pm on Friday. He said that the police team from Chowk police station and four fire brigade vehicles from Chowk fire station were rushed to the spot immediately.
Heavy smoke caused due to the blaze had covered the entire area close to the basement building and posed huge difficulty for the fire personnel to identify the place from where the fire was originating, CFO Pandey said.
The firemen then smashed windows of the basement area and after identifying the place of origination of the fire, struggled for hours to extinguish it, he added. While explaining the cause, the CFO said that the room in the basement area from where the fire originated was stuffed with a lot junk items.
The door of the room  was locked from outside and its keys were available nowhere. The firemen had to break the locked door to enter the room and douse the blazing flames with water, he added. It is suspected that the fire broke out due to a short circuit inside the room.

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