Read: How man kept on hitting younger sister-in-law with sharp-edge weapon

A tea-seller’s 32-year-old wife was brutally killed after his elder brother-in-law hit her several times with a sharp-edge weapon in Kakori area of Lucknow on Wednesday. The accused somehow was nabbed by the villagers, who had rushed to the spot on listerning to the shreik of help from the woman identified as Kiran Yadav, wife of Vijendra Yadav.
Vijendra, a resident of Sukhlalkheda in Kakori police station area like everyday went to the tea shop leaving his wife Kiran and his elder brother Rajendra at the house. In the meantime, enraged over some issue, Rajendra began hitting Kiran with a sharp-edge weapon. Kiran shouted for help resulting in neighbours rushing to her rescue.
Sensing danger, Rajendra tried to flee the spot, however, villagers somehow managed to catch hold of him. When the villagers entered inside the room, they were aghast to see pool of blood on the floor and Kiran lying dead. The villagers then informed the police and also Vijendra.
The police rushed to the spot and took Rajendra and the weapon used in its custody.
The police however, have failed to ascertain the motive behind the murder, the villagers, however, murmured that Rajendra was mentally dearranged. The police was investigating the matter.

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