Read: How miscreants decamp with Rs one crore in old denomination from Lucknow

Amidst news of recovery of cash both that of old denomination and the newly released currency being found stashed illegaly at various places in the country, miscreants decamped with bag full of cash worth Rs 1 crore in old denomination of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 from the bush Gole Market in Lucknow.
Interestingly, the guard Inder Singh and the driver Sunil were gossiping over a cup of tea when the miscreant took away the cash without any of them getting whiff of it. It was a betel shop owner, who saw a miscreant lifting that cash bag and he raised an alarm.
By the time, the guard, driver, cashier Deepanshu and another Kedarnath who had gone inside the Bank of India branch at Golemarket to give Rs 14 lakh new currency, came out and tried to chase the miscreant, he had escaped.
The exact number of miscreant, however, is still not known as the betel shop owner only saw one miscreant lifting the cash bag from the van. The police however believe that such a big heist cannot be committed by a lone miscreant hence there would be more than one miscreant.
The police theory gets corroborated with many nearby shopkeepers too confirming at least two miscreants. According to SP (trans-gomti) Durgesh Kumar, the four staff of Bank of India zonal office at Vibhuti Khand was on duty to distribute cash in new denomination of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 and collect the old denomination notes.
At around 2pm, they had first exchanged cash at Sarvodayanagar branch followed by Khurram Nagar branch before reaching at Gole Market branch. Cashier Deepanshu and guard Kedarnath went inside the branch with Rs 14 lakh cash in new denomination while another guard Inder Singh and driver Sunil stationed near the van to keep a watch on the cash in the van.
They both were having tea when a miscreant silently came to the van and took away the cash bag. By the time, the betel shop owner raised the alarm, the miscreant managed to escape.
The staff then called up control room. Senior police officials rushed to the spot along with crime branch SP Dr Sanjay Kumar. The police have launched a manhunt to nab the miscreants.
Interestingly, the incident at Gole Market has many similarities with the one that took place at Kaiserbagh in January, 2015. Even at that time, Rs 1.35 crore was taken away by the miscreants when the van staff had gone to put cash in the ATM at Maharanapratap Crossing.
One of the accused, a native of Tamil Nadu was nabbed. During interrogation, he had revealed that they work in gang with most of its members from Tamil Nadu. The police is exploring all the possible theories, Durgesh said.

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