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Lucknow Crime Branch and the Jankipuram police team arrested 2 people involved in murder and loot of a driver of Jankipuram travel agency on Tuesday. One of the accused has eloped while the police has recovered the looted car and 2 mobile phones.
Surveillance Cell In-charge Inspector Akshay Kumar that the travel agency belongs to Jankipuram resident Ramesh Chandra Pandey. On 23rd August some people had called the agency owner for a vehicle to take a patient to Sitapur and he had sent Swift Dezire for the purpose. The car was driven by the Madiyaon resident driver Anuj Pandey, who never returned after that. Hence the agency owner filed a missing report of the driver. During investigation the police came to know that the car driver was killed and his body was recovered from a canal of Oyal area of Khiri on the 25 of August. Thereafter, body of the driver was identified by the family members through photographs of the body and clothes and murder case of the driver was filed. The investigating team arrested 2 accused near Engineering College crossing along with the lifted car, whereas one of the culprits managed to escape. The accused have been identified as Jankipuram dweller Meraj, Khiri resident Deepak and his friend Abhishek(escaped).
Accused Meraj had himself had worked as a driver for a month in the same agency one year back. They held culprits revealed that they had called many agencies on 23rd August but had remained unsuccessful in getting a vehicle, after which they had called Ramesh’s agency as Meraj had its number with him. After killing the driver they had reached to Nepal via Badhni border but couldn’t manage the car deal. After that the accused put a fake number plate and MLA nameplate on the vehicle and brought it to Lucknow. They were planning to send the car to Kanpur.

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