Read how police come to know about serial killer Rustam’s parole post an encounter

Strange ways of Lucknow police came to the fore once again. An encounter with one of the three criminal brothers — Rustam near Phoenix Mall in Ashiyana brought to the light the fact before the police that he was out on parole. The police though exchanged fire with Rustam after he tried to extort money from a trader, Rustam managed to flee the spot on a car.
The police chase proved futile. A raid at his house also proved futile as only his mother was found in the house in Cantonment police station area. In a clear example of beating the bush, SSP Manzil Saini has enquired with the Cantt police whether it had an information about Rustam being released from Tihar jail on parole and whether the Cantt police was sought report before he being released on parole.
According to Chowk trader Ajay Kumar Rastogi, who now lives in Sarojininagar area, Rustam had been making ransom call to Ajay. He wanted extortion of Rs 10 lakh from him.
On Sunday, Rustam called Ajay near Phoenix mall. Rustam then asked Ajay to sit in his car and pay Rs 10 lakh. Reluctant in giving the amount, Rustam almost kidnapped Ajay and drove for about an hour in the car with Ajay before leaving him with a promise that he would pay the amount on Monday.
Rustam again called up Ajay and asked him to come near a mazaar near Phoenix Mall. This time the trader had given in writing about Rustam’s extortion call to Sarojininagar and Krishna Nagar police. The police team along with Crime branch sleuths took their position.
However, on seeing the police, Rustam opened fire on the police party. The police also returned the fire but in vain as Rustam fled the spot in the car.
The police gave Rustam a wild chase but in vain. Senior police officials were informed about the incident. At Rustam’s home in Cantonment area, the police found only his mother. Ajay informed the police that the serial killer Rustam had earlier also taken extortion of Rs 4 lakh twice. However, he didn’t inform the police out of fear. Ajay told the police that Rustam was out on parole while his two brothers were still lodged in Tihar jail.
On SSP Manzil Saini’s order, a case of kidnapping and extortion was lodged against Rustam. According to Ajay, when Rustam took him for a drive for about an hour, he informed first Krishna Nagar police and then Sarojininagar police but no heed was paid to his complaint.
Now the SSP has sought details on whether Cantonment police was asked to submit report before Delhi court order for his release on parole. The SSP also told media persons that efforts are being made to ensure that the police have prior information about the parole to three brothers Saleem, Rustam and Sohrab.

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