Read how robbers continue to hoodwink Lucknow police

Four cases of dacoity and robbery in Lucknow seem to have become a nightmare for the police in Uttar Pradesh’s capital city. The criminals behind these crimes have been identified by the police, but are still roaming scot-free as the police have failed in its attempt to arrest them.

What has been adding to cops’ frustration is that no sooner than the police approaches anywhere close to these criminals, the culprits on more than one occasion have outwitted them and continue to keep changing their location. The chase seems similar to the ones shown in Bollywood movies.

The cases that have given police sleepless nights include a robbery at a jewellery store on June 12. Seven armed criminals had robbed the store of cash and valuables on gunpoint in broad daylight in Mulayam Nagar, which comes under city’s Ghazipur police station. The criminals with their faces covered came to the shop named Neelam Jewellers on three motorbikes and looted cash and valuable worth lakhs.

The police after receiving the information inspected the crime scene and scanned the CCTV footage. Other than the footage, the police got no other clue as the dacoity was conducted in a very professional manner. No arrests have been made till date.

In another incident on July 13, the house of tea-stall owner, Ramkishan, in Kakori’s Baaznagar area was ransacked and looted by robbers. The area’s police have identified the suspected criminals, but have made no arrests yet.

Also on July 15, more than twenty lakh rupees in cash were looted from two female employees of United Bank of India, Usha and Nirmala Devi in broad daylight. The loot took place outside the bank’s branch in the Sadar area of Cantt. The robbers came on a motorbike with their faces covered under helmet and forcefully snatched the bag containing the cash from the women.

The police after investigations found out that the culprits were natives of West Bengals’s Jalpaigudi District. A police team was dispatched to West Bengal to arrest them but it returned empty-handed as the robbers had already escaped. Officials say that they are on a lookout for the miscreants but no major breakthrough has been made yet regarding the case.

One more incident of robbery which still lies unresolved involves a case in the capital’s Muftiganj area. The house of a retired railway engineer Asif Abbas was looted on July 26 in Muftiganj which comes under the Thakurganj police station.

Investigations revealed that the robbers belonged to UP’s Muzzafarnagar District. A police team was sent to Muzaffarnagar to catch them, but they had already fled the city. However, some officials from the team were asked to stay back in the district which was recently included in the National Capital Region by the central government, to track down the robbers.

These cases of dacoity and loot in broad daylight are just a few examples, which indicate that the criminals are giving a tough time to the Lucknow police. The police officials, who are yet to make any major breakthrough and arrests in all the above cases, claim that they are working day and night to solve them and are leaving no stone un-turned to curb the soaring crime rate in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh.

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