Read how six armed men rob 9 lakh cash from a bank in broad daylight

In a shocking incident that highlights lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh, six men riding on three motorcycles robbed a bank in the Saharanpur district in broad daylight on Monday. The robbers fled away with Rs 9 lakh cash after killing the bank’s guard who tried to stop them.
According to information provided by the Saharanpur police, the robbery was conducted at a branch of the Corporation Bank in the city. At around 3:00pm on Monday, six armed men on three different motorcycles reached the bank’s branch located on Delhi road.
Four out of the six men entered the bank’s premises while two stayed outside to keep a check on the police. The armed men after entering the bank started waving their guns and held hostage the staff and the customers, who were inside at that time.
Meanwhile, Guard Ganesh, who was deputed at the bank, heard the commotion and fired a shot at one of the armed robbers. His shot wounded the man and the latter’s accomplices charged at Ganesh and gunned him down.
After killing the guard, they looted 9 lakh rupees in cash and fled away from the spot. The people inside the bank immediately informed the police. Ganesh, who was badly injured by the gunshot but was alive, was rushed to the hospital by the police.
The guard succumbed to his injuries and later died at the hospital. Senior police and administration officials also arrived at the bank, which was looted in broad daylight by the group of armed men, and received a hostile reception by the locals and the bank’s officials.
They assured the protesting crowd that investigations in the robbery and murder case have been launched in full-swing and the criminals will be caught and put behind bars at the earliest.

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