Read how ‘supari’ killings are going up & killers available at throw away prices, now

In April 2015, Thakurgunj-resident Thakuruddin, who was a farmer by profession, was gunned down by a contract killer hired by his son Kallu for a mere sum of Rs 50,000.

In March 2016, resident of Kakori’s Sarai Premraj village Kallu neta hired such killers to eliminate his wife Firdaus. Later, on being unable to pay the decided amount, Kallu was killed by the same criminals along with his wife.

One such murder case was of Bobby Khanna, the owner of city’s famous Ritz Contienental restaurant, in January 2016. Bobby was killed by goons hired Dr Nimesh Trivedi under a contract.

In February 2016, officials of the Special Task Force picked up shooters Ram Singh, Abhay Verma, Suraj and Narendra Kumar from the capital’s Saadatganj area. It was later revealed that the four, who were arrested by the STF, were hired to eliminate five people.

One such case involved killing of two sisters Rekha and Savita, both residents of Banthra’s Ratauli village, in February 2015. The killers were hired by their brother Santosh.

The cases might bring ‘disgrace’ to ‘supari’ killers of past or of places like Mumbai, but the times seem to have gone when contract killing cases involved shooters affiliated to mafia gangs or used to work under some influential don of the area or city. The trend in killing people for money has changed drastically and now local gangsters are ready to shoot dead anyone for money as less as 40 or 50,000. These contract killers are mostly professional criminals hired some times even by relatives of the target.
Even the police seems to be clueless about the reason behind this changing trend in contract killings and that is why it is failing to curb the recurrence of such cold-blooded murders. It was also seen that such cases involved criminals of all levels ranging from local punks to people who are serving jail-sentences.
These cases are just a few examples to prove the rise of such heinous crimes in the city. One of the major reason behind the rise in contract killings in the capital seems to be the involvement of novice shooters in many cases. The police have no records of such killers who are ready to eliminate anyone because of their greed for money. The officials seem to be lacking a solid strategy to stop such murders from taking place in the city as the killers, who go for the killing, do not have any criminal history. It is onlhy after investigation the fact comes to the fore that the case involved contract killing.
When TosNews asked SP Crime Dr Sanjay Kumar about the surge in cases of contract killings in the city, he blamed it on the growing intolerance among people. He said that people have turned blood-thirsty and are ready to kill each other for minor issues. Unable to do it themselves, they choose to hire a professional hand to carry out the killing, Dr Kumar added. He also pointed out the fact that in most of these murders the people found to be paying the killers are either relatives or closed ones of the deceased.

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