Read how this man from Barabanki has ‘horn’ grown on his stomach

A team of surgeons in Lucknow successfully performed an unusual surgery on a patient with a horn growing on his stomach on Saturday. The 62 year-old man, who hails from Barabanki, was admitted to the city’s Balrampur Hospital few days back and after being diagnosed with the rare disorder underwent the surgery early Saturday.

The surgeons’ team was led Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) at Balrampur hospital Dr Rajeev Lochan and took hours to remove the horns from the man’s body, which had been growing from the past one and a half year. Mohd Wais, a resident of Babaganj, Barabanki, was admitted to the Balrampur Hospital few days ago and was diagnosed with the rare disorder.


The doctors at the hospital decided to perform a surgery on the 62 year-old man on Saturday to remove the horn from his body. After the surgery, Dr Lochan, while giving details to the mediapersons about the ‘uphill task’ his team underwent on Saturday, said that the horn on the patient’s body  was growing from the last one and a half years gradually.

One seeing that Wais’s situation has now worsened and the horn could be a life threat to him, he decided to perform the surgery and remove it, the Balrampur CMS added. After the successful completion of the surgery, the patient also underwent a plastic surgery later on the day so that the marks left by the burns and the previous surgery could be removed and he could live a normal and a healthy life, the doctor further said.