Read how two men looted a farmer after helping him withdraw cash from a bank

Two young men helped a local farmer withdraw 30,000 rupees from his bank account and later when he left the bank’s branch to return back home, the same men robbed him of all his cash. The incident happened on Tuesday in the Nagram town of Lucknow district. Police have registered a complaint of loot against the two unidentified men and obtained the CCTV footage of the bank.
On Tuesday noon, farmer Bhailal, who lives with his family in Nagram’s Kamlapur Bichalka village, went to withdraw some cash from his saving banks account in the Bank of India (BoI). He went to the BoI branch in Karora, which is nearest to his home.
While the farmer was finding out the formalities which he needed to complete to to withdraw cash from his bank account, two strangers approached him and said that they would help him out in the process. One of the man helped Bhailal in the filling the cash withdrawal form to withdraw 30,000 rupees, while the other helped him secure a place in the queue which was at the cash counter.
After receiving the amount from the cash counter, Bhailal left the bank premises to return back home. The farmer was riding a bicycle at the time when the loot took place, he told the police. He said that the same two men who had helped him withdraw the cash from the bank, approached him near the Madranpur areas. The duo was riding a motorbike and asked Bhailal to stop.
Before he could realise what was going on, the two men snatched the cash worth 30,000 rupees from the farmer and fled away. Locals in the area gathered at the scene on hearing Bhailal’s loud cries for help. One  of them immediately informed the local police about the farmer’s sad ordeal.
A case of loot has been registered at the Nagram police station against the two unidentified men. When Bhailal confirmed that it was the same duo who he met the bank and was helped by in withdrawing the cash amount worth 30,000, the police visited the bank’s branch and has obtained the CCTV footage at the time of the incident and is scrutinising it to identify the two miscreants, officials said.

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