Read how two men trying to dupe an elderly woman failed & were caught

An elderly woman in Lucknow’s Mahanagar fell under the trap of two young men and was about to be robbed of the jewellery she was wearing after the duo claimed that they knew her son and daughter-in-law.
According to the information provided by Mahanagar inspector P.K. Jha, the incident happened in broad daylight in the Gole market area on Friday, when Uma Singh, a resident of paper Mill Colony, was going to attend a ‘Satsang’ and was approached by two thugs.
The men approached the elderly woman near Nishtganj police outpost and after taking names of her son and daughter-in-law, asked her to accompany them to an office. They told Singh that her son was going through an interview for a job at the office.
The victim bought their story and agreed to go with them. When the three approached near the Gole market intersection, the thugs asked the elderly woman to hand them over all the jewellery she was wearing as that might affect her son’s job prospects at the office. The concerned mother handed her ‘mangalsutra’ and earrings, which she was wearing at the time of the incident, to the duo without any hesitation or doubt.
The men after receiving the jewellery tried to run away pushing the woman aside. She raised an alarm and the people who were standing nearby rushed to her rescue and got hold of the robbers. They thrashed the duo and handed them to the officials at the Mahanagar police station.
Later, the police frisked the two men and found the jewellery which they had robbed from the elderly woman. On being interrogated, they told their names to the police as Raja Hussain, a resident of city’s Qaiserbagh area, and Noor Hussain, a resident of Thakurganj area.

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