Read on his 49th b’day:What makes you fall in love more with Akshay Kumar!

On his 49th b’day, 10 adorable facts about the b’day boy Akshay Kumar,making you love him more:

1)Akshay Kumar as a child was very mischievous and had little interest in studies. He loved sports and excelled in cricket and volley ball. Akshay and his buddies, at Don Bosco School Mumbai had formed a gang of 10, calling themselves ‘Bloody Ten’.
2)He started doing martial arts when he was in class 8. When his father saw his disinterest in academics, he asked him what Akshay would like to do to which he said he would become a hero!
3)Later Akki went to Bankok to learn martial arts and then to Thailand to learn ‘Muay Thai’, where he also worked as a chef and waiter. After returning to India he became a teacher of Martial Arts, where one of his students advised him to be a model. When Akshay got his 2 days earnings as a model, he found it to be more than his monthly salary and then he decided to pursue it as a career.
4)After missing his flight for a modelling assignment, when the disappointed Khiladi went to a film studio with his portfolio, he was signed my producer Pramod Chakraborty for lead role in Deedar.
5)Most of us know that Akki’s day begins at 5’oa.m but one more lesser known fact about him is that he doesn’t eat anything after 7’o p.m. His favorite cuisine is Thai and mumma’s cooked Punjabi Khana and he also loves to have Desi mithais and mango.
6)Since we have seen Akshay on National TV’s cookery show Master Chef, we all know he is great at cooking but his kids love chocolate paranthas made by their dad and the loving father makes it for them every once in a while!
7)Akki is a great fan of Ayurvedic treatment and believes that 9 is his lucky number! His good things, he says have happened around 9 which includes birth of his children also.
8)Akshay hosted a martial arts documentary titled ‘Seven Deadly Arts with Akshay Kumar’ for National Geographic channel. He also sang a Punjabi devotional song ‘Nirgun Raakh Liya’. The profit made by the album was donated to the victims of the train bombings of Mumbai on July 11. The generous birthday boy buys songs of struggling composers and keeps listening to it everywhere, if the film makers want it they have to pay for it, this is how he promotes strugglers.
9) The Khiladi loves his ‘firsts’ and still keeps his first house, motorcycle and car. Though he owns luxurious cars but most often uses HONDA CRV as he finds it best for Indian roads.
10) Akshay’s son Aarav has to go to school in a small car and according to the Khiladi father if he does something very good then only he can have all luxuries in life. Akshay and Twinkle Khanna travel in First class!
son Aarav who is also a Martial Artist, trained by Akshay Kumar go to school in small car. Akshay Kumar says that if he will do something very good then only he can have all luxuries. He even travel in economy or business class while Akshay and Twinkle Khanna travels in First class.


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