Read: Weird mishappenings in a village orchard on Sunday!

A man was shot while gambling in Kakori area on Sunday afternoon. SO kakori Suresh Yadav informed that a 35 year old farmer Peelu Yadav in Kaliyakeda village was gambling on Sunday afternoon in an orchard with Pradeep Yadav and other people. All of them were drunk and while the game had heated exchange when suddenly Pradeep Yadav took out an arm and fired at Peelu Yadav. Peelu Yadav was hit on neck and mouth. On hearing the shot the villagers ran for help meantime Pradeep Yadav and other gamblers escaped from there. On information, Kakori Police and Peelu’s family members reached the spot, immediately admitting him to Trauma centre. SO Kakori said that so far he is out of danger. Peelu Yadav’s wife registered a case of attempt to murder against Pradeep Yadav while Pradeep and other gamblers are Still absconding. However, the police is still in search of the accused.

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