Read what a doctor do to a female patient suffering from abdominal pain

A doctor was arrested for allegedly trying to molest a female patient at a clinic in Lucknow’s Aashiana area late Sunday. The victim said that she was suffering from abdominal pain and went to the clinic for treatment at around 7:00pm on Sunday from her house in Ruchi Khand. She has accused that Dr Surendra Kumar Agnihotri, who was present in the clinic at that time, administered an injection filled with sedatives into her body and touched her inappropriately.
After registering an FIR in the case, the Aashiana police arrested the accused doctor from the clinic on Sunday. According to sources, the victim, who is married to a businessman, went to Atul clinic in Banglabazaar on Sunday for treatment.
Dr Agnihotri attended the female patient, who was suffering from abdominal pain from the past one week, and asked her to come inside a room for medical examination. He asked an assistant named Jeetu, who was also present in the clinic at the time of incident, to leave him alone with the patient inside the room.
He then administered an injection filled with some kind of sedative drug into the victim’s body and started touching her inappropriately. The woman said that as she regained consciousness, she realised that the doctor was misbehaving with her and was trying to molest her.
She started shouting and pushed the doctor and ran away from the clinic. After reaching home, she narrated the whole incident to her family members. The family members rushed to the clinic and started creating ruckus.
After getting the news about the uproar and chaos at the clinic, Aashiana police arrived at the scene and arrested the accused doctor after registering the victim’s complaint. According to Aashiana SO, the accused doctor placed stethoscope at the wrong place on the body of the victim while examining her.

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