Read what a landlord do to a lady tenant in Thakurganj

A young woman on Wednesday lodged a complaint at the Thakurganj police station against a graduation student for sexually exploiting her for over two years under the pretext of marriage.
According to SO Thakurganj SB Yadav, the victim was sexually exploited for a period of over two years by a man named Shivam Singh, who lives in Mallahi Tola. The girl said that she got in contact with Shivam when her family moved to the area and rented his house for their stay.
The man, who is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree, got into a love affair with the victim and after making false promises about marriage the two engaged in a physical relationship. Later, the BA student refused to marry the girl.
Feeling cheated, she registered a complaint at the Thakurganj police station pressing charges of sexual exploitation and death threats against Shivam. SO Yadav said that the victim has expressed her wish to not proceed with a legal case, but wants that the man, who is still an undergraduate, to marry her. However, he added that her statement will be registered in front of the magistrate and any further action will be taken only after that.

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